Less Stress

Well, now that my life has become much less stressed I can actually sit down and breathe for a minute! Why was I super stressed, you may ask? I had to take the MCAT – the Medical College Admissions Test – this past Saturday. Trying to balance studying for this life changing exam, work a part time job, and do my internship was not easy by any means. And keeping my BG in control? Yeah right. As I was juggling everything, my BG went wacky. I knew as soon as I got stressed, my BG would skyrocket and that I would have a hard time controlling it and feeling 100%. Oddly enough, as I was reading in my MCAT study book, this phenomenon was confirmed. When you get stressed your cortisol levels rise above normal which can cause several other consequences: decreased immune function, muscle tightness, and BG increase, among others. I had to be extra careful the past few weeks. Unfortunately, I even had to go home early one day from JDRF because I was feeling so nauseous from my high BG that I couldn’t focus (or even look at the computer screen!).

Now that I have much less stress, I can focus more on working here at JDRF and at my job. In fact, I’m off to write the July Newsletter stories right now! Have a blessed week, friends!


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